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Falaise Dalmatians is a small, select South African show kennel, located in Midrand which is situated halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the Gauteng Province of South Africa.


Our Philosophy

To us, the Dalmatian standard should always be kept in mind when breeding. A sound, typical Dalmatian is one who combines the correct conformation with excellent temperament and good spotting.

Soundness of body must always go hand-in-hand with soundness of mind. There is absolutely no point in having a beautiful looking dog if the foundation isn’t stable, or if the lift doesn’t go all the way up to the penthouse. Equally there is no point in producing wonderfully good natured dogs who can’t make it to the corner and back.  And yes, while excellent spotting should never take precedence over good conformation, good spotting is important.  After all it is a unique feature of the breed.

We show selectively and are justly proud of our record, as thus far in limited breeding over 36 years we have produced 22 South African, 6 Zimbabwean and 4 Zambian breed champions.